Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

Individuals and businesses are increasingly switching to using digital signatures every day. Digital signatures are legally-binding in nearly all countries around the world including United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia among others.
We provide various references to legal acts in different countries around the world.

United States

In the United States of America, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) 1999 and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) 2000 admits the validity and enforceability of electronic signatures. Sign.Eco is compliant with the ESIGN Act.

United Kingdom

The Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions Regulation, 2016 and the Electronic Communications Act, 2000 make electronic signature legal for all business usage in the United Kingdom. Sign.Eco is compliant with digital signature laws in the United Kingdom.

European Union

The EU directive (effective since July 1st 2016) on electronic signatures, termed the eSignatures Directive 1999/93/EC, was replaced by the new Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services called the eIDAS regulation. Sign.Eco is compliant with the eIDAS regulation.

Rest of the World

Many countries around the world have established their own set of laws and standards regarding electronic signatures and digital transactions. As worldwide adoption of electronic signatures continues to rise, each country has adopted various standards and regulatory procedures. To check your country please visit: